WorldManager adds advanced world management to your server.


  • World Management


  • /worldmanager
    • <No argument> - Lists information about the plugin
    • reload - Reloads config.yml file (Since v1.0.8)
  • /world
    • list - Lists all loaded worlds
    • listContainer - Lists all existing folders in WorldContainer
    • info - Shows information about a certain world
    • tp <Name> - Teleport to a world
    • import <Name> - Import an existing world
    • create <Name> <Type> <Structures> - Create a new world
    • delete <Name> - Delete a world
    • unload <Name> - Unload a world from memory
    • reset <Name> - Reset a map to backuped value
    • spawn - Teleport yourself to the spawn of your current world - Since v1.0.4

Dev Notes: Commands

Some commands use things called arguments. Those arguments mean that you are able to define a certain value. For example: The command create contains the arguments <Name> <Type> <Structures>.

The name of the world
World Type. Valid expressions:
NORMAL - Default world
NETHER - Default nether world
END - Default end world
FLAT - Flat world
VOID - Empty world
AMPLIFIED - Amplified world (v1.0.8+)
LARGE_BIOMES - Large biomes (v1.0.8+)
Boolean. Type true or false, depending on your choice.
If you want to create structures, chooose true, otherwise choose false.


  • WorldManager.
    • command.
      • * - Grants access to all commands
      • list - Access to /world list
      • listContainer - Access to /world listContainer
      • info - Access to /world info
      • tp - Access to /world tp
      • import - Access to /world import
      • reset - Access to /world reset
      • delete - Access to /world delete
      • unload - Access to /world unload
      • create - Access to /world create
      • help - Grants acess to the help page
      • spawn - Access to /world spawn - Since v1.0.4
    • notify. (Since v1.0.6)
      • * - Grants all notifications of the plugin
      • check_for_updates - Get a notification on joining if there is a new version available

Developer API

You can find all methods with their documentation in the class. The main instance of this plugin is called

Name Type Description Parameter Return Since
doesWorldExist(); boolean Checks if a folder with the given name exists in WorldContainer String worldContainerName world exist 1.0.0
resetWorld(); void Unloads world, deletes old folder and copies backuped one. Does not load directly. World w N/A 1.0.0
setDefaultValues(); void Applies world changes set in config.yml for world creation (Difficulty, Time, Weather, ...) World w N/A 1.0.0
importWorld(); void Tries to create world that already exists in WorldContainer. Automatically applies setDefaultValues(); String name N/A 1.0.0
createWorld(); void Creates a new world with the given MapWorld value (Normal, Nether, End, Flat, Void). Also applies setDefaultValues(); String name, MapWorld mw, boolean structures N/A 1.0.0
teleportToWorld(); void Teleports a player into a certain world. Checks if world is loaded. Player p, String name N/A 1.0.0
getWorlds(); void Displays all loaded worlds in chat. Before 1.0.3, you needed Player p instead of CommandSender cs. CommandSender cs N/A 1.0.0
getWorldContainerFiles(); void Displays all folders in WorldContainer. Also states if the world is loaded or unloaded. Before 1.0.3, you needed Player p instead of CommandSender cs. CommandSender cs N/A 1.0.0
unloadWorld(); void Unloads a world and forces players to world "world". World w N/A 1.0.0
loadWorlds(); void Loads all folders in WorldContainer and imports them as worlds. N/A N/A 1.0.0
deleteWorld(); void Backups world to /maps/deletes/{folder}. Deletes world from WorldContainer afterwards. Throws IOException if not able to copy folder (most likely due to permissions). String name N/A 1.0.0
backupWorlds(); void Backups all worlds to /maps/<date> N/A N/A 1.0.0
unloadWorlds(); void Unload all worlds except default ones (world, world_nether, world_the_end). N/A N/A 1.0.0

File Configuration: config.yml


Backups all folders via backupWorlds(); method to /maps/<date>.
default: true
Choose the way that <date> folder is created when backuping maps.
default: YYYY-MM-dd
load_worlds_on_server_start (Since v1.0.1)
Loads all worlds on server start, so you do not need to import them manually.
default: false
Choose which folders should get backuped.
default: "default_worlds": true | "logs": false | "plugins": false | "cache": false
check_for_updates (Since v1.0.6)
Get a notification if a new version is available.
default: true

Debug mode for error handling

If the plugin does not work as intended, try to figure out the problem with this mode before contacting the developer.
default: false

Default values for world creation

Set the values for certain properties that will be applied when a new world is created.



Messages sent on help command.