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Hello, I'm LaserFish from the Spigot review. I saw you said "Please let me know what you mean exactly (explain it a bit more please) and I'll add it towards the configuration.", So I'm gonna do that.
By configuration, I think it'd be cool to be able to switch the icons or names for certain catergories, like switching the economy icon to paper or the economy name to bank. Another thing it'd be cool to see, is Guild name placeholders. (I don't know if this is already implemented, so if it is disregard this.) What I mean by this, is a placeholder compatible with PlaceholderAPI or something, so you can show you guild in tab or in your tag. And even though its a dependancy, I think it'd be cool to implement ways to use other economy plugins.

Thanks for your time -Laser

Markus Peirleitner

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Hey there,

thank you for your post.

You are already able to change the name of inventory titles and the names of the icons displayed in the GUIs via the messages configuration found in SpigotCore/messages/SpigotGuilds.yml.

Another Economy hook (for instance Vault) is planned and will be added in the future.
I didn't think about PlaceholderAPI tbh; I will add it in the upcoming updates.

Thank you for your ideas and once again for the kind review.

Stay healthy!
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