General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) [EN]

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Markus Peirleitner

Staff member
Jun 10, 2020
While using our services, we may collect some data from you so that we can identify your account and create statistics.
The following data will be used:
  • Your IP-Address to identify you
  • Your UUID which is used to save data on your Minecraft Account, due to it beeing a unique identifier
  • Your Minecraft Account Name
  • Any data that is given us from you such as your E-Mail address and a hashed version of your password if you register on our forums.
We may collect additional data, such as:
  • Anything that can be found in ther Netherstar GUI such as your personalized Collection and Items
  • Your TeamSpeak Identity if you link it via /ts link
  • Your Discord Profile if you join our Discord server
You may request your saved data and a deletion request at any time.
However, once you request to delete your data we will need to ban your account. This is cause we had players in the past that requested data being removed, joined and requested again.
You may appeal for a unban, but it is not guaranteed that your punishment will be removed.
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