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zEssentials - 1.16.1 Essentials ◕ Configurable Messages ◕ Advanced options 1.0.0

This is the premium and completely re-coded version of aEssentials:◕‿◕.32685/

  • Configurable prefix
  • Configurable date format
  • Debug mode
  • Custom Join/Quit/Death messages
  • Tons of commands (33)
  • Editable command messages (200+ lines!)
  • Tons of variables to use in messages
  • ChatColor (&) support
  • Automatic data backup (Soon!)
  • Action Log (Soon!)
  • Enable/Disable features such as riding on Enderpearls, clear death location after use of /back
  • Kit Manager with Preview System (Preview: Soon!)
  • Home Manager
  • Warp Manager (Soon!)
  • Tons of permissions
  • Modern GUI Layout (Warps, Homes, Kits, ...) (Soon!)
  • Maintenance mode
  • IP Log
  • Private Messages
  • Toggles: See private messages, enable/disable TP to you, ...) (Soon!)
  • Compatible with Vault and RAPI (Soon!)
  • Always updated to the latest MC Version
  • Support forums
  • Support Wiki / Detailed information
  • Optional Economy Management (Needs Vault or RAPI to use) (Soon!)
  • Permission Packs (General, Cheat, Moderative, Administrative)
  • Advanced Message Configuration
  • Invsee: View & Edit Mode with seperate permissions
  • Edit virtual Inventory (GUI) names
  • TP Management (TP, TPAll, TPRequest, accept, deny, list)
  • 2.000+ downloads on the free version (1.12 - 1.15)
  • Purchasing this resource grants you extra permissions on our support forums, minecraft, teamspeak and discord server
  • Grants access to additional add-ons
For Command and Permission reference, please visit this Google Drive Spreadsheet:

Support, Help, Manuals & FAQ
Feel free to message me for any questions, inconvenses or errors regarding zEssentials.

Thank you for reading and your interest. Feel free to ask anything.

Best regards,
Markus Peirleitner
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90 Days
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2.49 EUR
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