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  1. 1.17
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English (Default) | Fully customizable
This resource allows you to maintain players in a Lobby-like Environment.

  • Chat Management
    • Enable Chat for Premium-only members
    • Disable Chat as a whole
    • Enable Chat for everyone
  • Editing-Mode
    • While in this mode you are able to edit everything without restrictions: Place and Break blocks, change GameModes and interact with everything!
  • Join Items - Choose which Items a player will receive when joining the lobby server
  • Blocked interactions for specified items such as Chests, Furnaces, Crafting Tables and even Armor Stands
  • Navigator to teleport towards Locations in your lobby - Fully customizable!
  • Join Messages for Premium and Staff Members
  • Scoreboard with informational content (Sidebar)
  • Scoreboard with ranking in tab
  • Tab Header & Footer
  • Change the server's MOTD
  • Customize 100% of the messages
  • Customizable GUIs: Title, Names, Icons, ...
  • This resource requires the latest version of SpigotCore

See the wiki here for details.
Markus Peirleitner
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